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Colored gems have been loved since the start of written history, and they have been worn by kings and queens. While the golden age for diamonds slows down, it is incredible to see how people adore colors and aim for a colorful life. We started this story because we wanted to share peace, love, positivity… We are attempting to change the business by exhibiting excellent practices and supporting all jewelry creators to improve so we could all wear precious and semi-precious stones ethically. While working with Mother Nature’s energy, it is essential to appreciate the gift that we are given. Extracting crystals from the Earth unethically affects their energy and power and harms human rights and the environment. We are highly committed to a clear strategy when sourcing our jewelry’s crystals because we want them to vibrate on their true frequency. We ensure that there is no child labor, the workers are fairly compensated, and have a minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, we are using 100% recycled silver and 18kt Rose gold vermeil. Recycled silver is the same quality as newly mined silver but extremely more sustainable for our beautifully crafted pieces.

We aspire to leave a beautiful and healthy planet behind us. All these measures make our crystals easy to love and confident to buy!

All workers involved in every stage of the supply chain must be paid fair living wage.

Safe working conditions with safety equipment to protect workers, like helmet, eye-protection and a respirator-mask for hand-cutting crystals.

The stones are conflict-free; they are not selected from locations known to finance wars, human rights abuses, violence, and genocide.

Minimal to no negative enviromental impact

Giving back to non-profit organizations and healing the environment.

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