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Raw Crystal Ring Moonstone

Raw Crystal Ring Moonstone

For relaxation and calmness!

Opening to new beginnings


Don’t be a slave to your past! Open yourself up for new beginnings that can have a positive impact on your life with powerful Moonstone!

  • Strengthens feminine intuition – With a moonstone by your side, you can always rely on your intuition. This beautiful stone is considered a true talisman of femininity.
  • Improve at making decisions – You can’t make up your mind and make a decision? Powerful Moonstone will help you make a smart one.
  • High vibrations – Moonstone is known to have very high vibrations and to be an amulet for travelers.
  • Relieves stress – If you suffer from depression or anxiety or are under a lot of pressure, Moonstone will clear you of all negative energies.

Successful reenergizing


Reenergize your whole body and mind and fill up your spirit with fresh and positive energy with this powerful crystal.

  • PROTECTIVE POWERS – Moonstone is also believed to possess mighty protective powers.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – The stone balances digestive, reproductive systems, emotions and strengthens feminine energies by aligning the hormones with the lunar cycle.
  • GRANTS WISHES – When making a wish, you can always rely on Moonstone’s help! It will grant all of your positive desires.
  • HIGH QUALITY – The crystal is attached to an excellent precious metal base! You can choose between 925 sterling silver or 18K Rose Gold Vermeil!
  • GORGEOUS DESIGN – Simple and elegant, this ring will look great with any style and will make any outfit unforgettable!

In case the item ran out of stock, you can make a back-order. Please allow up to 3 weeks processing time (+shipping). We will make sure that this stunning ring is delivered at the soonest time possible. 



Do you want to find out all the wonders the power of the moon can do? Make a wish under your moonstone and watch as it becomes a reality. Reenergize your mind and body with a powerful crystal that will relieve you of all the stress, anxiety, or depressive thoughts. Wear it on your ring finger, especially on Mondays because it is the day of the Moon.

Material: Moonstone, 925 sterling silver / 18K Rose Gold Vermeil

Healing properties: Moonstone balances digestive and reproductive systems. It balances the emotions and strengthens feminine energies by aligning the hormones with the lunar cycle.

Birth month: June

Star Sign: Gemini, Cancer

Chakra: Solar plexus chakra

Band Width: 1.4mm

Stone Size: approx. 11x11mm

Stone Origin: United States, Armenia


18kt Rose Gold Vermeil, 925 Sterling Silver


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

8 reviews for Raw Crystal Ring Moonstone

    August 27, 2021
    I can’t find the words that can adequately describe the beauty of the stone and ring. Enchanting!
    August 21, 2021
    My friends and I bought this ring for the other friend, and she fell in love with it almost immediately.
    August 17, 2021
    Love the ring and the moonstone! The shine is beautiful, and as everybody already knows, moonstone is a compelling crystal
    August 7, 2021
    Moonstone is my favorite crystal. This ring is such an excellent accessory to wear at any time
    August 5, 2021
    Gorgeous ring. I can wear it absolutely with any outfit that I have. I love the positive influence it has on me
    July 30, 2021
    This ring is one of the most beautiful accessories I have ever seen! I cannot take my eyes off of it.
    Raw Crystal Ring Moonstone photo review
    July 30, 2021
    I love my moonstone, it’s iridescent and beautiful. Thank you do mu h!!!
    Raw Crystal Ring Moonstone photo review
    July 24, 2021
    I can't take my eyes off this ring! Thank you so much for giving me a light in the darkness!!
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